Xtreme Steam 19.5 KW

The AmeriVap® Systems 19.5kw is powerful as well as portable dry steam vapor cleaner manufactured for export. This portable industrial vapor steam cleaner produces dry hot steam (5% moisture 212 degrees at the tip.) The steam volume is adjustable (0-150 psi) that is strong enough to kill pathogenic bacteria, while safe enough to be used on electrical parts and robotic components.

The AmeriVap® Systems 19.5kw is one of the most popular and versatile steam cleaners on the market. The most commonly purchased unit for static type soils like grease and oils. This unit has been used from a vapor degreaser in mechanical assembly lines, to a food processing sanitizer in dry mix packaging companies, to a barrel and tank sanitizer in wineries. Without the use of long and hot steam lines, these portable sanitizing systems can go just about anywhere.

The 19.5KW KW cleans and sanitizes without toxic chemicals and uses a fraction of the water of conventional cleaning methods like pressure washing (quarts per hour rather than gallons per minute.)

Xtreme Steam cleaners have internal boilers that heat water under pressure to 365-390 degrees Fahrenheit. This results in water particulate size reduction down to .0006 microns. This means that the steam being emitted is able to penetrate the pores of stainless steel and other surfaces, and dries almost instantaneously.

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Specifications Chart
Steam Production 48lbs/hour
Water Tank Capacity 6.25 gal
Detergent Tank Capacity 1.25 gal
Boiler Capacity 4.5 gal
Working Time 24/7
Working Pressure 0-150 psi
Boiler Temperature 365 F
Temperature at Tip 220 F
Net Weight 255 lbs
Available Voltages 208v to 600v
Amps based on volts
Phase 3 Phase
Dimensions 34"x20"x37"
Recommended for Jet System No
Recommended for Brush Systems Yes


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