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Vapor Blitz I

The AmeriVap® Systems Vapor Blitz I is a “continuous fill” chemical-free commercial steam cleaner. This dry steam vapor cleaner features a non-pressurized cap that allows the user to add water at any time. A reservoir tank feeds the all stainless steel boiler that effectively makes the Vapor Blitz I a 24/7 cleaning machine. The Vapor Blitz I is constructed of durable and light polycarbonate and comes with a variety of attachments that make this truly multi-use cleaner. It's 3-pressure (45- 55 - 65 psi) setting controls allow the operator to control steam output according to the job. Furthermore, it operates at a temperature of up to 220°F and low moisture at 5%.

The Vapor Blitz I comes standard with a chrome cart that allows for attachment storage, making the Vapor Blitz I extremely portable and productive. This total package enables the operator to change tools readily and clean in multiple locations quickly and easily. This is especially important in industries like the hotel/hospitality industry, the apartment industry and healthcare.

Discover why the Vapor Blitz I is used by many Fortune 500 companies in industries like:

  • Hospitality Industry
  • Pest Control Industry (bed bugs & fruit flies)
  • Supermarket Industry
  • QSR and Casual Dining Industry
  • Institutional Food Service Industry
  • Healthcare Industry
  • Rent To Own Industry
  • Apartment Industry
  • Education Industry (K-12 & Universities)
  • Coffee roasters

Vapor Blitz I for GSA Buyers

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Specifications Chart
Control Handle 3 Speed (45-55-65 psi)
Voltage 115 & 220 V
Current Draw 14.7 amps
Weight 19 lbs.
Stainless Boiler 1 qt. w/ Incoloy Element
Water Resevoir Capacity 3 qts.
Operating Time 24/7
Power 1700 Watts
Steam Production 8 lbs.
Max Boiler Temp 290 F
Temperature at Tip 220 F


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