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food processing sanitation

Food Processing Steam Cleaners

Food processing sanitation is a key element in protecting the public from germs, pathogens and harmful bacteria that can lead to serious illness. The challenge for the food processing industry is twofold:  maintain excellent sanitation standard operating procedures, while at the same time hitting sustainability targets, like water and chemical reduction.

An area of great concern for the food processing industry is the control of pathogenic bacteria like listeria monocytogenes and the removal of associated biofilm.  Biofilms are a multitude of micro-organisms which adhere together on a surface, bound together by EPS (extracellular polymeric substance) or slime. Biofilms can proliferate, in almost any environment, and can be hard to detect, as well as clean, especially in rough and hard to reach surfaces, and  are exceedingly hard to kill.

In a study by the University of California at Davis, the most reliable method of sanitizing equipment and controlling pathogenic bacteria is with heat.

The food processing industry is ideally suited to use industrial steam cleaners from AmeriVap® Systems in sanitation programs. Dry steam vapor is faster, cleaner and more effective than traditional cleaning methods. The Xtreme Steam units are completely portable, with no water hoses to connect, use no chemicals, and very little water.  Our Houdini® automatic conveyor cleaners, including the groundbreaking new spiral cooler conveyor cleaner, clean and sanitize belts with zero production downtime.

Proven Uses in the Food Processing Industry:

  • Clean and sanitize all stainless steel surfaces including wrappers, slicers/dicers, scales/sensors belts, sprockets, rollers, feeders, gaskets and racks.
  • Clean electrical control panels and fixtures
  • Sanitizing refrigeration systems without removing food.
  • Clean and sanitize blending tanks.
  • Cleaning and defrosting refrigeration fins and coils.
  • Degreasing build up on walls, ceilings, baseboards, vents and fans.
  • Cleaning and maintenance of ventilation ducts.
  • Kills listeria and other pathogenic bacteria in drains and pipes as well as flies and their eggs
  • Clean and sanitize falt or mesh conveyor belts during production using the Houdini conveyor belt attachment
Biofilm Removal

Biofilm can be removed easily and efficiently using a manual process with our industrial steam cleaners.

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Stainless Tank Sanitation

Sanitizing stainless steel tanks using an Amerivap® Systems Xtreme Steam industrial steam cleaner is fast, easy, and uses a fraction of the water of conventional methods.

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Slicer Sanitation

AmeriVap's dry steam cleaning offers a more efficient method for the use of slicer sanitation.

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Bottling Lines

Industrial dry steam cleaners are an excellent option for cleaning bottling and filling lines.

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Floor Drains

AmeriVap's dry steam cleaning of floor drains is crucial in the control of listeria monocytogenes.

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