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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the technology work?

There are several natural forces at work when the AmeriVap system is used:

  • Heat. Heat weakens the physical bond that adheres dirt and stains to surfaces. The AmeriVap technology produces superheated, culinary grade, saturated, dry steam vapor that is held at a temperature of approximately 365-390 degrees inside the system's heating chamber.
  • Moisture. Nature's most perfect solvent. AmeriVap’s complete line converts water into 96% superheated dry steam vapor. How dry? Imagine taking eight minutes to pour out an 8-oz. glass of water. That's how little moisture is in the dry steam vapor during normal use.
  • Agitation. This is applied to the surface being cleaned using an array of AmeriVap’s unique, customized tools and attachments. No hard scrubbing is necessary. As dirt and stain particles are loosened from a surface, they are suspended in the moisture resulting from the vapor, making it easy to wipe away.

How does it kill harmful bacteria and pathogens?

Heat. As stated by the Centers for Disease Control, “Microbes are killed by heat. If food is heated to an internal temperature above 160°F, or 78°C, for even a few seconds, this is sufficient to kill parasites, viruses or bacteria, except for the Clostridum bacteria, which produce a heat-resistant form called a spore.” Heat, in the form of dry steam vapor, has long been used in medical environments (hospitals, dentists, etc.) to sterilize surgical instruments and equipment. Did you know that disinfectants such as bleaches and even quaternary compounds are effective only if the surface to which they are applied is free of organic compounds, i.e. clean? The effectiveness of disinfectants is measured in terms of germ reduction based on exposure to temperature. AmeriVap’s units make it simple and cost effective to clean and control germs using dry steam vapor with sufficient heat.

How safe is dry steam vapor technology? If the steam is over 200 degrees and under pressure, isn’t steam cleaning dangerous?

No. While the steam pressure at the nozzle tip is around 220 degrees, our units are design so that the steam temperature at about 6” away from the nozzle tip feels cool to the touch. Further, our units operate using low-pressure to work effectively. Our application tools are designed to dissipate the low steam pressure quickly and safely. Each AmeriVap product is designed with multiple safety features to allow continuous, safe usage and operation. Finally, each AmeriVap unit comes with complete operating instructions, a step-by-step instructional video DVD, and safety tips for many years of service without risk.

Is it economical?

Yes. Americans spend over $4 BILLION per year on household cleaners that are ultimately washed down the drain to contaminate our food chain and precious, limited, fresh water supplies. The AmeriVap System is non-consumptive and uses only a very small amount of water to produce thousands of gallons of natures best cleaning solvent, dry steam vapor. This can dramatically reduce waste and water consumption.

How much electricity do these steam generators use?

This is where the kwh comes in. As stated above, the kwh is a unit of energy and can be useful to calculate your power consumption and therefore cost. The method for calculating kwh and therefore your power consumption and costs can be stated like this:

Kwh = kw x hours of use
$ Cost = Cost per kwh x kwh

So, for example, a 20kw machine ( our biggest seller) operating for 8 full hours would generate an energy use of:

Kwh = 20 x 8 or 160

For most industrial facilities, typical kwh rates are $.05-$.10 per hour (average $.075). So an Xtreme Steam 20kw operating for a full 8 hour shift would cost $12.00 per day! (.075*160).

It is very important to note, however that when calculating kwh that you consider instantaneous power versus average power. The Amerivap Xtreme steam units use full power only when heating up, but then “shut off” and only restart the boiler to maintain temperature, thus the average power consumption will likely be less.

What is “ASME certified” and why is this important?

ASME certified means that Amerivap’s USA built steam generators are built according to the requirements of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers. All boilers and pressure vessels purchased in North America must comply with the current edition of the ASME code. It is also important because these vessels have redundant safety controls and our boilers weigh about three times that of imitations. For more information, download the ASME brochure.

How much water do these machines use?

The Xtreme Steam industrial steam cleaners use quarts of water per hour rather than gallons per minute. For more detailed information, please visit our Sustainability page.

Does the unit require any special water?

No, just normal tap water. If you’re water is especially hard, you might need to flush the machine more often, or use a water softener, like the Demi 5.

How long can I clean on one tank of water?

Depending on the setting you use, you can clean up to 2 ½ hours on 1 tank of water. The transition time to refill the boiler and get the machine back up to temperature is 10-12 minutes.

How long does it take the unit to heat up?

For normal temperature tap water, about 15 minutes. If you use hot water, it cuts down on this time considerably.

How do I order more brushes and attachments if mine wear out?

You can order more attachments simply by calling us, or using our online store.

What is the maintenance on these machines?

It’s very simple. Once a week, drain the boiler as shown in your training video. Once a month descale the boiler as shown on the training video, with either a vinegar/water solution or a CLR type chemical. That’s it!

Do I need to use special water?

No, just normal tap water.

Can I add chemicals to the tank?

No, never. This could be dangerous and voids the warranty. If you would like to use chemicals or degreasers for certain applications, we recommend pre-treating the area with a spray bottle, allow the chemicals to sit, and then clean. Certain commercial models have an external tank for adding solutions like sanitizers.

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