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Conveyor Belt Cleaning

Conveyor Cleaning?
The Houdini is MAGIC!

Typically conveyor cleaning is very labor intensive messy process. The Houdini automatic conveyor cleaner for mesh and flat belts cleans and sanitizes during production with zero chemicals.

Dry Steam Vapor

Xtreme Steam
ASME Certified by Law

AmeriVap Systems' ASME certified Xtreme Steam cleaners clean and sanitize without toxic chemicals. Portable, safe, and easy to use, our 10kw-80kw cleaners produce culinary grade steam and come with multiple attachments making them true multi-use tools.

Envirosteam UVC Sanitation

The Envirosteam UVC:

The new Envirosteam UVC is a revolutionary new commercial steam cleaner that utilizes advanced UVC lighting and a proprietary water filtered vacuum for critical cleaning applications like healthcare.

Steam Cleaners

The Vapor Blitz Line:
First, Best and Different

The Preferred commercial steam cleaner for Fortune 500 companies for over 20 years, the Vapor Blitz line is the gold standard for performance, quality and price. With their multiple attachments, these commercial steam cleaners are multi- use tools, not one-trick ponies.

TruBlu Steam Cleaner


Available in 10kw-80kw units, the AmeriVap Systems TruBlu is the only industrial steam generator on the market to deliver 500°F internal temperatures with only 1% moisture.

Amerivap Steam Bruiser

Lit'le Steam Bruiser:
Economic Yet Powerful

The new Lit'le Steam Bruiser from Amerivap Systems delivers the power of a 10kw steam generator in an economical package available in multiple voltage configurations.

Dry Steam Vapor: Drastically Reduce Water Use and Waste

AmeriVap Systems is the industry leader in industrial and commercial dry steam vapor cleaners. Featuring the most tools and attachments in the industry, these portable electric steam cleaners are multi-use tools. Dry steam naturally kills pathogenic bacteria, removes tough soils, and kills pests like bed bugs and their eggs.

The American made Xtreme Steam line of industrial steam cleaners are legally compliant ASME certified steam generators that are available in 10kw-80kw sizes to ensure sustained delivery of culinary grade steam. The TruBlu is the only industrial steam cleaner on the market able to reach such high temperatures and low moisture levels. The available Houdini automatic conveyor belt cleaners clean and sanitize flat and interlocking conveyor belts using a fraction of the water of conventional methods. View our groundbreaking new spiral cooler conveyor cleaning sytem.

AmeriVap Systems’ commercial steam cleaners have been the choice of Fortune 500 companies for the past 20 years.