Conveyor Belt Cleaning

Conveyor Cleaning?
The Houdini is MAGIC!

Typically conveyor cleaning is very labor intensive messy process. The Houdini automatic conveyor cleaner for mesh and flat belts cleans and sanitizes during production with zero chemicals.

Dry Steam Vapor

Xtreme Steam
ASME Certified by Law

AmeriVap Systems' ASME certified Xtreme Steam cleaners clean and sanitize without toxic chemicals. Portable, safe, and easy to use, our 10kw-80kw cleaners produce culinary grade steam and come with multiple attachments making them true multi-use tools.

Dry Steam Vapor Cleaner

The Houdini Spinner: Magic on
Floors & Hard Surfaces

Tools & attachments are one of the most important yet overlooked decisions when buying a dry steam vapor cleaner. The Houdini Spinner harnesses the power of Xtreme Steam units working magic on floors and hard surfaces.

Steam Cleaners

The Vapor Blitz Line:
First, Best and Different

The Preferred commercial steam cleaner for Fortune 500 companies for over 20 years, the Vapor Blitz line is the gold standard for performance, quality and price. With their multiple attachments, these commercial steam cleaners are multi- use tools, not one-trick ponies.

The Blitzer


The Blitzer commercial dry steam cleaner and sanitizer, features a stainless steel construction and uses 110 v electricity, common to all US facilities. With a 24/7 operating capability and multiple attachments, the Blitzer is ideal for retail food facilities, grocery stores, and medical facilities.

Dry Steam Vapor: Clean, Sanitize & Deodorize without Chemicals!

AmeriVap® Systems' Xtreme Steam commercial and industrial dry steam vapor cleaners are powerful enough to produce sustained, culinary grade steam vapor enabling cleaning in areas where water is not welcome. With their multiple attachments, these multi-use tools are able to deliver steam to any surface with temperatures that naturally kill pathogenic bacteria, remove tough soils, and kill pests including bed bugs and their eggs.  In addition to industrial and commercial dry steam vapor cleaners, we offer Houdini™ automatic conveyor belt cleaners. These conveyor cleaners clean and sanitize flat or mesh conveyor belts during production using no chemicals and a fraction of the water of normal methods. We offer unequaled performance in our lines, which include the Xtreme Steam™, VaporBlitz™, TruBlu™, Steamax™ & Houdini™. And best of all, our commercial and industrial steam cleaners are green, eco-friendly cleaning systems that enable your company to address multiple sustainability targets at once.